Ryan Scherle

ryan@scherle.org         http://ryan.scherle.org


Ph.D. Computer Science and Cognitive Science, Indiana University, 2006

M.S. Computer Science, Indiana University, 1998

B.S. Computer Science, summa cum laude, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 1996
Concentration certificate: Imaging systems


Digital Data Repository Architect, National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, Duke University, Durham, NC, 2007-present
Manage the development of a repository for scientific data. Guide development of repsitory standards. Develop systems for exchanging data with scientific journals and related repositories. Supervise data curators and junior programmers. Train biologists in the use of computing tools and programming languages. Collaborate with other scientific repositories to develop large-scale interoperability.

Course Developer/Instructor, School of Continuing Studies, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 2000-2013
Taught basic computing skills to over 1000 students via distance learning.

Software Analyst/Programmer, Digital Library Program, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 2002-2007
Designed and developed a repository for a wide variety of digital collections. Coordinated the development of tools to manage collections and deliver them to users. Designed and developed software for storing, searching, and interacting with musical information. Maintained server software, improving its speed, functionality, and stability. Designed and integrated changes to the data model. Coordinated development group's documentation and automated quality-control system.

Instructor, Computer Science Department, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, 1996-1998, 2002
Taught courses in computer applications, mathematics, and programming.

Independent Consultant, Scherle Consulting, Bloomington, IN, 1995-2002
Provided computer support and service for small businesses and organizations. Projects included conversion of data from legacy systems, creation of custom database systems, conducting surveys, and selection of business software.

Web Developer, Jasper Communications, Jasper, IN, 1996-1997
Designed and implemented commercial websites, including retail sales sites and a real-time weather tracking system.

NOVELL Manager, Waters Computing Center, Terre Haute, IN, 1993-1996
Installed network operating systems and applications. Maintained public computing labs and faculty computers. Trained three network administrators and over 60 help desk operators.


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Scherle, R. Data Archiving and Curation. CurateGear Symposium. Chapel Hill, NC, January 8, 2014. [PPT]

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DataONE (Observation Network for Earth)
National Science Foundation
Principal Investigator: William Michener, University of New Mexico; Co-I: Ryan Scherle
Total: $20,000,000

Helping Integrative Vocabulary Engineering
Institute of Museum and Library Services LG-07-08-120-08
Principal Investigator: Jane Greenberg, University of North Carolina; Co-PI: Ryan Scherle
Total: $669,508 ($334,699 award, $334,809 matching)
Period: January 2009-June 2011

Digital Repository for Preservation and Sharing of Data Underlying Published Works in Evolutionary Biology
National Science Foundation DBI-0743720
Principal Investigator: Kathleen Smith, NESCent/Duke University; Senior Personnel: Ryan Scherle
Total: $2,180,000
Period: October 2008-September 2012


Dryad, a repository for data underlying scientific publications
HAMR, a tool for a curator to determine whether the various fields of a metadata record are correct.
HIVE, a toolkit for working with controlled vocabularies and ontologies
Phylr, a toolkit for search/retrieval of phylogenetic information
Variations, a digital library for music
Iglu, a toolkit for research in information retrieval


Member, Fedora Disseminator Working Group, 2007
Member, SRU Bibliographic Context Set Working Group, 2006
Reviewer, AI Magazine, 2002, 2006
Reviewer, International Conference on Intelligent Information Technology, 2002
Reviewer, Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, 2002
Reviewer, International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, 2001
Associate Editor, Van Nostrand's Scientific Encyclopedia, 2000
Reviewer, Journal of the Learning Sciences, 2000
Volunteer, National Conference of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, 1998, 1999
Volunteer, Second International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, 1997


Fellowship, US Department of Education, Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN), 1998-2002
Scholarship, American Association for Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), 1998, 1999
Honorable Mention, National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Program, 1997
Scholarship, International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning (ICCBR), 1997
Scholarship, Cognitive Science Department, Indiana University, 1996, 1997
Addison-Wesley Book Award, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 1996
Microsoft Senior Award, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 1996
Presidential Scholarship, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 1992-1996
Member, Upsilon Pi Epsilon (Computer Science honorary)
Member, Pi Mu Epsilon (Math honorary)
Member, Iota Nu Phi (Informatics honorary)


President, Computer Science Graduate Student Association, 1999-2000
Secretary, Computer Science Graduate Student Association, 1996-1997
Member, Departmental Graduate Admissions Committee, 2001
Member, Departmental Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 1999-2000
Graduate Student Mentor, 1997-1999
President, Student Chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, 1995
Coordinator, Midwest Invitational Programming Contest, 1995


Volunteer Coordinator, Computer Tutoring Project, Area 10 Agency on Aging, 1997-2000
Taught computing techniques to senior citizens. Managed a team of 15 volunteer tutors.

Member, Secretary, and President, Tau Lambda chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, National Service Fraternity, 1993-1996
Presided over a chapter with 45 members. Wrote and presented a bid to host Regional conference. Participated in a variety of service projects.


Languages: Java, C/C++, SQL, Visual Basic, Perl, Scheme, Ada, Common Lisp, Pascal, Various Assembly Languages, XML, XSL
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X, AIX, NOVELL, MS Dos, NeXTStep, VMS
Databases: DB2, Microsoft Access, PGSQL, SQL Server
Digital Library Standards: Fedora, DSpace, DC, EAD, MARC, METS, MODS, OAI, SRU, XACML