IU Thesis Style Files

Here are two sets of files for creating a thesis at Indiana University using LaTeX. They are relatively interchangeable, since both require that the bulk of your thesis is in separate files. The results look slightly different, but as far as I know, both are accepted by the Graduate School. You may want to try both versions...

Math version

This set of files is the most flexible. It can be used for a MA thesis, MS thesis, or PhD dissertation, with a variable number of committee members. It was written by Norman Danner.

Usage.txt - instructions

Computer Science version

This set of files can only be used for a PhD dissertation. I believe it was originally written by Douglas Eck. Modifications have been made by Kyle Wagner and Ryan Scherle.

CS-Usage.txt - instructions

Including graphics in your files

It can be tricky to get graphics into LaTeX documents. Here are my instructions for including Excel graphs or images into your document:


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